Bethel Church Preschool

Bethel Church Preschool is a private, Christian preschool in South Franklin Township that has been in existence since 2008. We strive to provide a quality Christian environment where children can learn together as they prepare to enter kindergarten.

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Bethel Church Preschool offers 3 different classes to children ages 2-5.  Each class is designed to help the growth and development of a different age group.

Pre-Kindergarten: This class meets Monday-Thursday from 12 - 3 pm.  This class is designed for children going into kindergarten next fall.

Preschool: This class meets Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 8 - 11 am.  This class is designed for children who have 2 years until Kindergarten.  Children must be potty-trained to enter this class.

Toddlers: This class meets Tuesday and Friday from

9 - 11 am.  This class is for children age 2 and 3 who are learning to socialize with others.

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